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Elderly persons

Owing to an atrophy of the integument and a decrease in skin vascular supply with age, lipid composition and moisture retention is compromised, leading to dry skin. Especially in this group of patients, eczema is frequently associated with xerosis and dry skin (also see “Asteatotic Eczema”). Regular hydration of the skin on a daily basis with non-specific topical preparations is especially important in this group. Regular use of emollients, especially with urea or lactic acid containing preparations avoids relapses in case of asteatotoic eczema. Additionally, the use of bathing/ showering oil and the elimination of factors that aggravate dry skin are important (see “Treatment–General”). Systemic administration of drugs needs to be dose-adapted in aged persons, also in consideration of concomitant systemic diseases that are more frequently seen in this group of patients. Uni Heidelberg