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Eczematous skin changes on the skalp are common. They are caused by several different factors, including atopy, allergy and irritation. Seborrhoeic dermatitis also affects the capillitium.

Clinical picture:

Extensive scaling, itching and possibly erythema and oozing are characteristic features. Eczematous lesions are localised particularly in the retroauricular area and at the hair line.


The diagnosis is based on careful history taking and possibly patch testing if allergic contact dermatitis is suspected.

Differential diagnoses:

Psoriasis capitis and tinea capitis (including Kerion Celsi) must be distinguished from eczema of the scalp. Other possible but rather uncommon differential diagnoses include lichen planus, histiocytosis X, acrodermatitis enteropathica and vitamin B6-deficiency. If folliculitis is present (e.g. in case of superinfection), diseases such as folliculitis decalvans and staphylococcal folliculitis also have to be taken into consideration. Uni Heidelberg